Sunday, February 10, 2013

In February

February is a thin-skinned month
pebbles bruise and
slide under my skin
The month in which I lost
my father
and almost lost myself
The month I realized
I was a borderland girl
as I wandered this world
and the next
seeking the lost one.
In February the pebbles tear my skin
never bouncing off harmlessly
In February I learned to grieve.
These years later emotional memory,
muscle memory rises, has imprinted,
still blindsiding me
still forming
the daddy-shaped piece of my puzzle
I’m still wandering the borderland
still searching for that piece.
Whether I realize it
or not.


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  1. february also seems to slam on brakes!! It just freezes in place!! I try to plan it up each year, so that maybe activities will make it go fast...maybe??


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