Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The turkey has...

...entered the building!
I know, after all those turkey lunches at the school, who could want more? Oh, the tradition! Another tradition is the kids talking about turkey for 2 weeks, and never actually eating any. None of them like it a bit. So Rick and I are always doomed to eat it until we cannot stand the sight of it anymore. Rick lasts longer than I do, I am a wimpy leftover eater. Two days max.

So my turkey chicks are all home for five days, and at the moment are wearing every coat they own. It is windy and 65 degrees, and their blood is thin. No, really, they are playing "how many coats can I put on" and they all look like doughboys. I don't know, but whatever it is, they are playing it outside, and I am listening to their noise through the filter of doors and walls.

Which means I can hear Jack Johnson crooning and strumming, and it's a good morning.
You can imagine that there is yet another handmade holiday banner hanging, and you would be right.
It says "thankful," and we are.

Thankful for health and well-being,
Thankful for small, whole little people
Who drive us crazy and make us laugh.
Thankful for humor and family
Preferably together, because one without the other
dooms us all.
or maybe it's just my family?

Times have changed so much, that I don't even long for what used to be home, and what used to be our routine. I guess 10 years of children will change any tradition. It used to be that come holiday time I would feel the pull towards Beaufort County, and my grandmother's cooking. My brothers' teasing and the belly laughs that go along with family jokes that have been ongoing for decades. I would grow all angst-y and incomplete, and long only to be on the road headed for home. Somewhere, in the process of gaining children and losing family, that shifted.

It's good to be home.

And now a moment for something that hasn't changed - sentimentality at the holidays!
Thanks for being part of my bloggy community, and for the comments and emails no matter how frequent or rare. {I am thankful...}
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours wherever your Home may be.

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  1. I bet that is a good feeling. It would be torturous to always long for something, when it is so hard to have that something---it takes a long time to get here!! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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