Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terms of Endearment

I am scattered and smothered like the ubiquitous Waffle House taters.
Anyone else doing fifth grade HW that is all about personification, metaphors, alliteration or similes? No?
Oh. Well, then. Hi!
(Also, is it wrong for my child to take a project to school in a plastic Total Wine bag? Egads, I better switch that now before I forget.)
I'm popping in to say... 1. I was not dragged away and forced to sit a throne forever as a goth princess, and 2. the Halloween candy is gone, may it rest in peace.
This is one of those months when moms say "the days are long, but the years are short."
Even my brother-in-law said immediately, over the phone last night: "You sound tired."
I chuckled throatily. What a word that is! What wishful thinking! Maybe I should say: I chuckled congestively. There, that's more accurate.
I agreed and said something to effect that his nephew Phoenix was looking for winter boarding quarters. Ha! I wish I had actually said that, because as Ken is the other half of my doula, something could have possibly resulted from that request. Hmmm. Food for thought.

Anyway, these are busy times and long days.
The End.
Not really, but really. Have I over-committed somewhere? I would swear that there are fewer hours in the day, and those that remain are flying by at the speed of that asteroid that barely missed us last weekend. This life has been a mad dash of late, and I consider it a good week when the kids wear clean clothes each day, have bathed a few times, and eaten a fruit at each meal. So simple, right? You'd think, wouldn't you. Maybe I should really set those three things as my only weekly goals, and then - Shazam! I'd have this thing down. As long as clean doesn't mean ironed. Then - Shazam! It is ON!
I've gotten a lot accomplished these last few weeks, while I have not been posting - but it hasn't been graceful or laudatory. Speaking of laudatory (another good word! That literary HW, it hath bewitched me!), wouldn't it be great if we got a round of applause when we succeeded at a really challenging parenting feat? Like, if we nailed the cirque du soleil act of mothering, and a crowd of well-wishers stepped out and clapped heartily, while nodding encouragingly?

Wow. I digress. I was only saying Hi.
I'll be back once I have something {real} to write about, and am de-scattered.
Happy Friday kids...


  1. That was a defrag{menting} post, like what the computer has to do when it gets too much stuff going on.. :)
    I am getting blogged out a bit...mine are not feeling very clever lately...
    We need a new wave of inspiration...

  2. well I think this is pretty darn real to write about. I suffer from overwhelm - anything can cause it. what I've found is making a list really helps. whatever it is I want to accomplish for the day must be on the list or it doesn't get done. and even then it may not get done, but at least that way some of it does. I love how real you are Bethany. happy Sunday to you.


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