Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And Now You Are 9

I miss these days...
 the giggle of baby girls
 the sweet plumpness of fresh baby arms and legs
the soft murmurings of baby babble

And now you are 9 and I am shaking my head at the years, and how scientists talk about the speed of light as though it does not exist right in front of us. In the speed of light you  - chunky monkeys, sweet pumpkins, darling doves - have gone from me.
And in your places, in your places have sprung strange new creatures with varied and curious opinions and feelings, and an abundance of drama and expression.

Be kind, my lovelies
Be strong and kind
Empathetic and expressive
Whatever you do, believe in it wholeheartedly
Treat your friends loyally
Stand with your brothers
Do the best you can, and work diligently
And always, always
brush your hair

With all my love,

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