Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And the Release

And on the 20th day she was set free from her bondage. Cinderella slipped her chains and was presented a glass slipper, in the modern-day guise of a quiet, empty home. Free of all beings small and large, even the husband (who had set off for the Georgia border on work duties), she stepped back inside the door after delivering her 4th and final child to the bus. The Allelujah chorus burst from her lips, much to the startled arrest of her kitties. They calmly went back to their grooming, certain that whatever had occasioned this outburst would not long affect them. Anti-Cinderella however, spun around wondrously, like Liesl von Trapp or Orphan Annie (friends, it has been a long break, full of musicals, and the songs... The songs, I hear them in my sleep...) cradled her thrice-warmed mug of coffee and took a breath. Then another. Well, that's done, now what? she thought. For after the holiday pressure cooker comes the projects and plans of a New Year.
First up - A Birthday on The Horizon.
Frick and Frack Turn Eight, it is titled. I can hardly take it in. Gotta get crackin' though, for the big day comes in less than 2 weeks. Yeah, Anti-Cindy doesn't get to spin and breathe for long.

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