Thursday, July 26, 2012

Been There

...and you know I got the pictures, baby.
It was country times for the kids, and a week of travel to eastern NC & back.
This post will be a lick & a promise. If you haven't heard that phrase, I apologize for any unfortunate implications.
An earlier generation of rural southerns used it often in the context of, say scrubbing down a stovetop & all the burners after dinner. The quick clean-up is a "lick & a promise" in lieu of deep cleaning. There now, we're squared away & I'll be back!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Tooth Fairy Forest - Debunked!

Ya'll get the prize for joining me in the Imaginary Forest!
Sadly (or happily!) the Tooth Fairy teeth-look-alikes were petals from nearby bushes...
They were the exact size and look of teeth, right? It was a little weird.
But they were just little petal buds of some kind. The kids didn't know what to think, and Jadyn got downright suspicious that they were actually teeth, so she walked away quickly. She's very leery of the magical beings, that girl.

So, Tooth Fairy Theory: debunked.
Unusual flower petal: Confirmed.
Next week we are off again for another adventure. It's time to visit my Mom in NC, and she has Camp Lilliput ready for the grandkids. I got an excited text from her a few days ago, reporting that a nest of guinea chicks (pardon me, guinea *keets*) had just hatched, and she can't wait to show the kids. Ideal timing, guineas, nice work! Sometimes eggs hatch, other times eggs "catch" as Phoenix says.
"Mom, Mom, Gigee said the eggs catched, and we'll see baby chicks!"
So the kids are all a-flutter, just as the chicks will be when we walk through that garage door...
Isabella has already called dibs on naming them, which I am encouraging rather mildly. Never a good idea to name something that may be harvested and roasted, I always say. I learned that lesson from my Nanny (great-grandmother), who had a taste for rabbit stew. But that's another story. Or not.

Oh, it's a country life for me...
Sure never know what you'll see...
A frog leg, a rabbit haunch, fresh chicken on your dinner table
Daggone kids, and bless my heart, I wish it were a fable...

And with that I bid you good week!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Forest

 Sometimes, if you cross just the right bridge, in just the right place

And pass by just the right fern-filled glade
You will step into The Tooth Fairy Forest
where life-size teeth are strewn down the path
and then you will know just what happens to all those lost teeth that She collects.
You saw it here first.