Friday, September 7, 2012

B Quotable

The other day I read this sappy  darling blog post by a mother of 4, who is relishing the act of mothering during multiple nighttime wakings by her toddler. In other words, cherish the moment. Only, the particular moment in which I was reading that particular post, was more like a grrrr-rage-rock moment, not a teary-eyed mommy moment. You know the one.
I curled my lip at the screen and walked away from my desk to find Rick & tell him about it. He listened and chuckled and eyed me for foaming at the mouth. Good man. Always be aware of the possibilities. I hemmed and hawed about child challenges, the frustrations of night-waking, bed-wetting (them, not me. whew.), fit-throwing, and many, many more as I aired out ranted. And then I summed it all up with a sentiment you may feel free to use, as needed.

I have crowded nest syndrome!

You're welcome. Now go forth and let go. No need to rant, when one simple phrase will do. Why let the empty-nesters have all the fun with the phrase? Happy Friday!

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