Friday, February 25, 2005

2/25/2005 - A Cole story...

The other day Cole asked me "Mom, what does re-dentical mean?" I kept having him repeat the word, while I scrambled to understand what he was saying. Finally, I got it. I asked if he meant "identical" since I knew he had heard everyone asking if the twins are identical. He said, yes, that was what he meant, so I explained the word, while he looked at me with his brow furrowed. When I was done, he said "Well, our girls are not identical, because Isabella is wearing pink, and Jadyn is wearing pink with white stripes, and so they don't look the same!"
What a good explanation...

More on being identical:
Today Cole was looking at the girls, and said "Mom, are our twins prac-tical?" I giggled and said no, they're fraternal. Cole frowned at me and replied, "Well, I see that they're wearing the same shirt today, so that means they're the same."

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